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Avnei Eitan1

Avnei Eitan

  • Kfar Darom, Neve Dekalim, Netzer Hazani, Kfar Yam, Slav, Atzomana and Tel Katifa
  • 23
  • Tovah Hadad community coordinator
    - 054-5684574
  • Agriculture, tourism and renting out tzimmers

The community of Avnei Eitan in the Golan was established 34 years ago. The name Avnei Eitan is the initials of the 8 founding members who were killed. It is an agricultural community of approximately 110 families.
The Gush Katif Heritage Center in the Golan in Avnei Eitan:
This center tells about the beauty of 30 years of living in Gush Katif and later in the Golan. In a large mosaic, a floor map of Gush Katif, a film, photos and sounds, stories of faith and miracles, and community theater that tells the story of life in the Gaza Strip since the days of Abraham and Yitzhak.
It's suitable for families, children, school groups, and adults.
To schedule a tour: 04-6763535