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The Gush Katif Committee

The majority of the Gush Katif residents retained their community frameworks and reorganized independently after the Disengagement in order to re-establish new communities and return to whole and meaningful lives.

It was under these circumstances that the Gush Katif rabbis initiated the current framework of the Gush Katif Committee
in order to unite the activities carried out on behalf of the Gush Katif residents.

The "Forum of Ten" within the Committee is made up of the community heads and includes additional groups representing the Gush Katif residents.

The Committee has three central functions:
  1. Working with the government and the communities in order to advance solutions to different needs at the temporary sites and permanent communities.
  2. Keeping a strong bond between all the Gush Katif people and communities including youth and young adults, as a facilitator for growth stemming from the healthy connection to Gush Katif.
  3. Voicing the opinion of the Gush Katif people in various areas
Working with the government and the communities means:
• Working with the Tnufa administration and the government offices in order to move ahead on different issues.
• Advancing implementation of legislation and government decisions.
• Centering the Gush Katif lobbying in the Knesset.
• Pushing to start a National Inquiry Committee.
• Fundraising for communities.
• Helping weak families.
• Taking care of a variety of needs that stem from the needs of the population.

In the area of keeping the strong bond between the Gush Katif people intact:
• Youth activities in the summer and several events during the year.
• Publishing a newsletter for the Gush residents.
• Shared events for the Gush people.

In the area of voicing the opinion of the Gush Katif people in various areas:
• Raising awareness to different "stuck" issues.
• Lobbying for the permanent communities of Gush Katif.

We have worked together with many partners over the past few years, and thank G-d, succeeded, in achieving meaningful changes in the areas of personal compensation, communal compensation, agricultural and business compensation, and we continue making progress toward the settlement of the permanent communities.
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