Food Parcels for Needy Families

11 years have passed since the destruction of Gush Katif and the needy families present a heartbreaking picture. Findings from May 2014 show that the Gush Katif unemployment rate is exceptionally high with some 170 expellees aged 55 and older who are unemployed. 

Additionally, there are those whose salary is so low they can’t make ends meet, as well as the single parents, the divorced, the widowed, the sickly and the elderly.

We provide monthly food parcels for the weakest families and discretely distribute food coupons. Everything is done in a respectful manner to preserve their dignity.

 Best of all, you can help!
Support a family for just $100 a month.

Make their holidays special!

Funds needed to help 150 needy Gush Katif families in USD


Monthly support

High holidays

Funds needed