Medical Fund for Needy Families

This medical fund is to help some 30 families who require assistance in purchasing vital medication not included in the Ministry of Health’ basket. Studies have shown how many of the Gush Katif expellees’ health has significantly deteriorated following the expulsion. Additionally, many of these families live in the south and the terror and stress from rocket attacks has added its toll in awakening post trauma from terror attacks that took place in Gush Katif.

It comes then as no surprise that R. Kory, A. Carney and S. Naimer concluded in “Health Ramifications of the Gush Katif Evacuation,” published in the IMAJ (Israel Medical Association Journal) in 2012 that “the Gush Katif evacuation appears to be associated with increased morbidity of chronic disease.”

Medicine not included in the government health basket is a major expense, especially for the unemployed.

Help support these families purchase crucial medicine
with a monthly donation of $3,000